i was in my local music store and i saw a squire stratocaster. it was a little under 200 dollars. it seemed like a pretty good deal.i told my guitar teacher about it and he said most people he knew hated their squire after a while. is this a good deal and guitar or no?
no, if your already have a guitar, dont go for it
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Yeah, depending on what you have now, i would go for a different look. I would look towards buying an epiphone les paul

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an electric would fit more of what i play then an acoustic, i basically play and rock based music, sabbath, led zep, or what ever else i like
most new and squire fenders have thin necks, i have a american strat and i put a thicker after market neck with fatter frets made by the warmouth company. it made a huge difference if you play hendrix and srv stuff. save your cash and get a quality guitar, i prefer les pauls and real strats!
i have a 72' Fender Telecaster Deluxe and it is amazing but it is alot more then 200$ but i really like fenders. my guitar is kinda like fenders version of the les paul and it is really good but for the type of music you play i would actually suggest an SG or LP most likely and epiphone cause Gibson's are just expensive and the bands that you listed all use a SG or LP so yeah

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my friend has one and he still loves it hes had it for 3 years after it being used by somone else for like 2 years, i guess it could be good
Hmm, you'll be wanting an amp too, have you considered this? And sounds like you want something with humbuckers.
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