i want to play in a band...i was in one and it was a great experience.
what are some good ways to get a band going.
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dude, its IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A BAND TOGETHER! give up now. youll never get a band together..you're just wasting your time getting your hopes up.
How upbeat and helpful.

Try asking friends, sending ads around town and school, using a band website or better yet, asking at local shows.
friends lol convince them to learn!!! Go down to a local music shop and as I call it "scout" lol...and of course myspace
Friends and friends of friends work pretty well. It can go bad though if the band ever falls apart. There may be hard feelings that break up the friendships after. I am in a band with friends and its great.

I think that if there was a problem with another member, it would be harder to confront them about it because you wouldn't want to ruin the band or friendships. It is all for fun though. If you aren't having fun, why do it?
well it's good to start jamming with tons of people, find people you mesh chemically with. I have been in a lot of bands with my good friends where is it like, hey let's start a band! and when we get there we jam fine, but when it comes to writing we just stare at each other because we aren't complimentry.
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Rhoads4ever is totally right, it's all about chemistry.
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Ask your friends if they play. Or if they know any people looking to join a band.

If that doesn't work, then try MySpace, this site, or other music sites. If you're not into the whole meeting people over the net thing, then try going to local venues and meeting people there. You should find a lot musicians. Are you taking any music classes? Pretty much everybody I talked to in my guitar class plays another instrument and know a lot of musicians so asking people in a music class/band could work.