My current gear is: strat copy, roland cube 60, danelectro fab overdrive, ibanez weeping demon (will be coming in the next few days) and im getting an ibanez rg321mh in the next month. After this I'll still have around £55 (ish) to spend . Im also gonna build my own pedal board and my dad said he'll pay for all the stuff (powering it etc.) So what do you reccomend?

I just remembered my b'day is near so i will probably be able to add to that £55 by like £20 or something, which makes, you guessed it, £75 (ish)

Any suggestions?

Edit: almost forgot, i play mostly rock and metal and also shred and stuff.
There's a few things you could get that would improve your sound. As mentioned above, Ibanez guitars have relatively weak, and watery stock pick-ups. Changing them to a pair of Swinesheads would deffinately improve your tone. Also, an EQ pedal would give you more tone sculpting features (I always found the EQ on the Cube to be a little weak). Or perhaps a delay pedal, so that you can set your delay speed and decay time, to give you a fuller lead tone.
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Quote by duggyrocks
I dont think il get new pickups, im not going to the bother of that. Would I really need a delay pedal? Ive got delay on my cube. Is an eq pedal really neccessary?

Just use the delay on your cube then.

An EQ isn't too necessary unless you really want to sculpt your tone even more or want to boost certain frequencies.

And try a load of Boss pedals out and try out a Metal Muff too.
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