Has anybody here ever played a Garrison guitar? I am looking to buy a good acoustic (around £500) and I was curious to whether these guitars are worth looking into.
Also, any other suggestions for this price range (I would probably prefer an electro-acoustic but normal acoustic suggestions are still welcome)
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I have a Garrison AG 300 with cutaway and electronics and I love it. The sound is really nice, its a tough guitar, and I get complimented on it all the time. And for the price you cant beat it. I think it was aroung $450 USD, and I would highly recommend it.
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Playing mine right now.
I think its their new one? GGc-20-ce i think.
Really nice guitars, although the highests strings arent coming in when i plug it in. Taking it in to the place i bought it to ask. It sounds amazing unplugged, most are probally good when you plug it in, mines probally like a factory problem.
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i own one, and it is the best steel string that i have played yet. very "bassy" sound. i do occasionally play it through an amp, but not too often.