I was thinking of installing EMGs on my Godin Solidac but the thing is that it has 2 inputs. One for an electric sound and one for an acoustic sound. I think the acoustic sound comes from something in the bridge but I don't know. It's an LR Baggs X Bridge if that helps. Also, what would be some good EMGs to get? It's an HSH pickup configuration. I play Metallica, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and sometimes Children of Bodom and stuff like that.
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ummmm....EMG 81,85,60 are three goo pickups, but i say a 85 in the neck, and idk if your bridge pick has the acoustic thing or not, better take it to a shop and see,but if not get a 81 in the bridge...thats how the lead guitarist combination is in my band..and they sound awesome..
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