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28 27%
Blue Burst
31 30%
15 15%
Tobacco Sunburst
28 27%
Voters: 102.
Can you guys help me decide which color of the Oscar Schmidt OE30 Semi Hollowbody I should get? When you click on the link below, either click on the guitar shown (it has a "limited quanity" sign on it), see more photos, or view larger photo to see the 4 colors of it. Here's the link:


EDIT: Please do not try to get me to buy another guitar, I'm pretty stuck on this one considering it's good and I'm on a tight budget.

Thanks a lot!
black or blue burst look the nicest IMO. have fun choosing!
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they all look pretty cool. except from blue burst. its a classic bodyshape so i dont know y its even made in blue.
I had a feelin a lot of people would like the tobacco burst bnut you should be a little unique and go for the blue burst only cause it DOES look really good and its not a finish one would expect to see on that style guitar.

But like Arlabester said, its all opinion man!
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Black looks great, but like sapple said, blue does kinda have 'unique' written all over it
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I like the tobacco sunburst =(
But the blue's pretty sweet.
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blue or red IMO. they all look pretty good. :P:
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I'd say go for the blue just because of the unique finish for the body style. Like people said, it's not a finish you'd expect.
Runner up choice would be the tobacco sunburst.
Quote by Sapple Pass
black or blue burst look the nicest IMO. have fun choosing!

I don't find it very necessary for IMO in your reply
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i'm lovin the red and tobacco but nto a big fan of the blue, but its YOUR guitar man, get w.e YOU want

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I don't find it very necessary for IMO in your reply

ha I suppose not
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how does a bunch of other people's opinions help YOU choose the color of YOUR guitar?
the cherry is nice. I somewhat regret not getting my Es 335 in cherry
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go for red(my favorite color)
or blue next
i guess maybe tabacoo next
dont get black its so boring and plain
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Black, definitly.
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i would have to say black or tobacco sunburst. I am a HUGE fan of cherry sunburst but i hate regular cherry.
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tobacco sunburst. i love sunburst
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Tobacco Sunburst has my vote
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i love the tobacco sunburst
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well id say go for a color you dont already have hell, i already regret haveing my second guitar black liek the first...
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I like blue.
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