Just a quick improvisation I made, this is my first recording that i succesfully made haha. I finally got Dmusic to work somehow for me, anyway it's


Please critic

EDIT: I just made another Improvisation, you can check that one out to and please crit. thanks

EDIT: NVM, I guess it doesnt work.
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nice but it seems that u kinda stop the note to many times in that solo, like once in while it sounds good...but i think you over used that but all and all good stuff love the penitonic shred stuff
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I agree with prelude on the stopping thing...it prevented the solo from flowing well. You have chops...but the phrasing was pretty lacking, I'm not saying you didn't have good licks, its just hard to have a good solo that cuts out every 2 seconds.
Turn down the lead a lot in the mix.

The backing is awesome! Is that you or a backing track?

The lead tone is really nice, but it needs to be turned down a ton as I said before.

Nice pinches and licks and everything.

This is definitely really awesome.

I think the fast seperated picking sounds cool, just don't overuse it.

The part at like 2:08 is just pure badass.

Really nice job man, I like it a lot.

Crit mine please?

Man, this is pretty good.

Fix the lead tone and have it mesh better with the backing and work on your technique of playing some of the notes and you have something that kicks a large amount of ass.
Alright thanks guys ino my lead was way to high, Im very new to this, and yeah i found the backing track on Guitarbt.com or something like that, thanks for the critz guys I apreciate it