Hi i'm planning on buying a used mark IV combo. I saw one but it is one without a speaker, which speaker should I buy best for the amp? The black shadows?
And how much should I bid for this used one do you guys think?
also i could go for an engl savage 120 head, but then I would have to buy a small cab( and probably not a good one to begin) What is the best? The mesa or the Engl?
Greetz Wouter
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I would think the Vintage 30 would go great with a Mk.IV, they are pretty versatile speakers, they go with all other Mesas too. I would take the Mesa over the ENGL personally, since you can't get a good cab to do it justice.
so I'd better take those black shadow speakers from mesa, is it worth buying them too secod handed?
I'd personally go with a V30 instead of the Black Shadow. I just bought two V30s on ebay over the past month. Brand new for $90 each. And worth every penny IMO. I've heard the Mk IV combo (and used to own a Mk II combo wiht the same Black Shadow), and I've heard a Mk IV head thru a recto 2 x 12 cab loaded with V30s. The V30s sounded much better IMO.
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ok also I heard that with mark IV used to have soundproblems, is that true or is it just with some of them due to faults or something?
another vote for the V30's, I use them with my Mark IV, and I think they sound excellent. I haven't heard of the sound problems, my Mark is from 1991, and has no such issues.
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