i know not many people have a lot of keys memorized
and since knowing keys plays a big part in writing songs i have made a program for easy access to the notes in many keys and the chords which fit with these keys as well

here are the links
if u want to try it click each link and download it from the site it take u to


once u have the files downloaded open gwbasic.exe
then when the program comes up press the F3 key and typed in the word scales
then hit enter (both files must be in the same folder to run properly)
press the F2 key then to run the program
any questions, corrections, or comments plz email at pezrock2000@yahoo.com
and if you have a correction or find an error please tell me the specific place
^Same here. Try hosting the files on YouSendIt or something.

As you're describing it, it sounds like a bit of an effort to install and load it - if you're going to be making a simple program, make it effecient and user-friendly to install. First impressions and all that...