Ok, so I decided to give the guitar a shot and after 3 weeks I'm having a blast. I'm doing great with chords and playing little bits and pieces from the tabs on this site but I just can't get my head around whole scales thing. I've read on here that they are important for solo's and if I'm guessing right, they are also Important for writing note by note riffs If you get what I'm trying to say. But with so many types of scales and things, I just get lost trying to understand.

any help?

Ugh. Wow. Uhm, that's really extraordinarily broad. Find a begginers guitar book or a beggining theory lesson online. I personally recommend "(instrument) For Dummies". They're pretty good at explaining it but are kind of long winded.

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Welcome to the world of guitar. I wish you luck on your journey.

As for the question, I would recommend you keep going on learning chords and songs. The more you learn those things, the more you will have a foundation to build off. It is IMPERATIVE that you learn the Major, minor, and 7th chords before learning the scales.

Once you've secured a knowledge of the building blocks, then start to learn scales. Why are they important? Well, a scale is an easy way of playing all the notes in a key. They also help you build chords. Before you know it, you'll be able to add/change notes in simple chords to create complex soundscapes you never thought imaginable. That's why I recommend learning all the simple chords first.