Right, this is my attempt at putting feel into a song. Listen to the 4th one on this site. www.purevolume.com/jajprice
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erm no offence but it was quite painfull listening to it. Do you have any knowledge of theory what so ever? dosent sound like it...
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Well erm, I'm not quite sure what to make of it...
Just sort of sounded like a bunch of stuff mashed together...didn't really get much correlation between the different parts...
That crit wasn't good enough to really be worth a crit back, but er, link:
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Is this a joke?
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The only reason I could understand why this is so jumbled and wierd is because it's titled feelings on leaving the school. Is it supposed to be an artistic way of expressing your pain, distress, and mixed feelings? If so then I guess it's ok. Best part was when it cleared up and was mostly just a guitar playing chords. Kinda long though.

I know it wasn't that great of a crit, but if you want to return the favor: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=397828
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It's way too jumbled up. It sounds like you were doing some odd timing/improvising with low quality instruments. Maybe this is artistic to some, and even considered good, but I can't dig it.
Im not sure what this is supposed to be... Is it supposed to be a bit avant garde? or has your software messed up on you?

theres a few little notes here and there that dont sound to bad but there jus placed in a mess, if u cud maybe explain your goal with this piece so we can get more of an insight into you compositional ideas...?

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