Is this a descent wah pedal? I have never used one before but was thinking i need to get one after hearing the Pantera Song 'Cemetary Gates'. Leave some pros/cons about it also.
They're good wahs for beginners.

And they're good to use for modding, but if you want a really good wah, don't look into it.

Also look at some Vox's.
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well dimebag has a signature crybaby so look into that. and if u want a more basic pedal get the crybaby classic. i have it n its great for a metallica soundin wah.
get an Ibanez Weeping Demon
its absolutely AMAZING!
it does any style of music and has about 100000000 features and controls
true bypass too
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Good for modding.
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I have one. After true bypass and various mods (Mid increase, vocal mod) itll be a good wah.
i had the gcb95 for like 3 days, then the button stopped working. Then i went on the forums and found out that a lot of people have problems with that model, so i returned it to get my $$ back. The funny thing was when i was at GC the lady asked me "what is it exactaly that you didnt like?" and i was like ".....the fact that it doesnt work anymore..."