recently pretty much every day my guitar on it high e g and b strings there is a thick coating of rust that has built up I dont have sweaty hands so why does it do it and why only on those 3 strings and why does it only happen with ernie ball strings and why does the shop only sell ernie ball strings its just not fair
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do you wipe down your strings after sessions? is your guitar left in its case when not being used? is it just generally hot weather at the moment?
wow thick rust on the HIGH E STRING?
thats almost impossible....you must have got it wet, or its very humid in your room
do you happen to leave alot of food in your room.....

hahah the only thing i can reccomend is put a few boxes of baking soda in your room to soak up the moisture in the air
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well its mainly on the b and g but theres some on high e too
Chuck Norris has two speeds, walk and kill
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