does anyone have some soloing tips for me? i kinda need some help with soloing, i just cant get my solos to sound right. any help will be appreciated. thanks.
learn some scales, start with the pentatonic minor, and find the right tone with your distortion
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Improvising is how I would do it.

One thing you can do is repeat a note or phrase again in the same place, or on a different part of the fretboard.

Using scales is a defenite, depending what sound you want to make and what key the song is in. When you play your scales, don't just play the same rhthym, use al kinds of speeds and such to make your solo interesting and flavourful! You can also use a lot of arpeggios and sweep pick them (or alternate, or however you pick best). The sweep picking is a easier way of building up speed and can make your solo sound pretty cool, and remember that if you're playing a scale or arpeggio, you don't have to start on the low E or high E string!

That's just some things you can do, check out the lessons on this site (and the SEARCH bar!!)
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I find the one of the mos timportant things that make an improvised piece sound good is the rythme if im solo to some song it sound slike totall poop. so make sure you in the right key, and also some scales sound better over different chord progressions that other scales. so just practice on simple melodic rythmes and start with some blues infact the way i learn was by recording the johnny b goode riff and playing over it (blues is the best for starting to solo). so even if you are not a totally beging to soloing try some slower blues solos for practice.
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When ever im learning i solo i split the solo into a little bit at time, run through it slowly and gradually pick up the speed till i can completely play that part of the solo at the right speed then i do the same for all the other parts and gradually bring it all together to play as one. hope that made sense
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