Yeah it is yet another "which amp?" thread, but please bear with me. I'm lookin for a new tube combo for somewhere around 800 dollars. I play mostly thrash metal, my biggest influences being Megadeth and Iced Earth. I want that John Schaffer dark crunchy rythym sound (I realize he uyses a custom amp), and a lead tone similar to Marty Friedman's searing tone in Holy Wars. With that said, it would still have to be a versatile amp, capable of full warm cleans as well. If you have any suggestions over 800 dollars that's cool too. I can always save up. I realize I should go try out amps, but there are seriously about 3 guitar stores within 50 miles of where I live, the closest being Guitar Center (God I hate that place) where pretty much all they have are overpriced Marshalls. Thanks in advance for your anticipated assistance.
My two cents would be a Traynor 50 blue. It gets you those warm cleans you want, and then with an overdrive it could probably handle your metal side as well.
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