I am in the process of buying a guitar and could use some help. I like these types of bands:
the Used
My Chemical Romance
and lots of other screamo-ish, emo-ish, punk bands. I like to play both acoustically with my amp and also kick in a crap load of distortion. I hav about $560 and hav tried and like the Epiphone SG, the Epiphone Les Paul, and the Fender Stratocaster. Please give me some advice!
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that music sucks.

I like strats though.
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If you wanna play the distorted stuff go for one of the epis
but if you want to play some of the cool clean stuff they
play go for the a strat or tele but I started with an epi les paul
and it got the job done for just about everything
ur lucky your giving away free beer or i'd hit you.....
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Get an Agile 2800. They're les pauls made by not gibson, and are good for that kind of music. My friend has one. They're only 300-320 bucks. And are top of the line.
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that music sucks.

I like strats though.

yes that music does suck
Washburn WI64 should handle all of that and just about anything else you want to play. As will a Fender Fat Strat.
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Wow.. that music definitely hugs a rainbow..

But I'd get a Washburn if I were you.

Top of the line geeeeeetars.
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for your style of music, the SG is good and so is the LP
strat, not so much, only if you get some humbuckers for it
whats with everyone bashing his music youre all ****ed in the head.
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I don't remember him asking you to comment on his musical preferences you dip****s.
That being said, I don't see how Nirvana is an emo-screamo punk band, but still, if you don't have a suggestion for him then shut the hell up.

My suggestion is if you're trying to get a guitar to sound like a certain band then get the guitar that they play.
probly the SG would be best.. a lotta punk bands use them, and i think the cleans would be better than the Epi LP. if u want distortion, use the extra $$$ to buy a good distortion pedal with it

+1 for the SG
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Ok, like one user said, getting the same guitar will get you closest to their sound GUITAR WISE. It still won't sound exact unless you have their amp as well.

So, I'll list the guitars I've seen these bands use. I don't know all of them though.

the Used - ? possibly LP's?
My Chemical Romance - Epiphone and Epiphone Elitist LP's.
blink-182 - LP's, Strats, semi-hollowbodies
Nirvana - Fender Mustang
UnderOath - SG's

A lot of bands in general use SG's. Most emo/punk-pop/whatever bands that I've seen use SG's. Epiphone Elitist SG's and Gibson SG Standards are the ones I've seen the most. It will most likely be your best bet.

A les paul is going to get you a lot of different sounds. It could be just as useful to you as an SG.

A Fat Strat would be good for you as well. Probably not quite as good as an SG, but it would work for you if you like the feel of it better.

A Fender Mustang would work decently if it had a humbucker. And if you could find one. An SG would still be better for what you want to paly.
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Schecter C-1.

My Reasons:
1) Dual Humbuckers. Good enough for those bands you like.
2) Dual Coil Tap. When you're feeling like some Teen Spirit, pop up the knob and presto, Nirvana at your finger tips.
3) Schexy. The only describable word for Schecters.

Any other questions...

Oh yes, what gear do you have presently?
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