i did a cover of "Wonderwall" against a backing track with my friend playing on guitar, but hes so bad on it that i just took the guitar out lol, i like whats left. check it out and comment on it plz. in my sig.

Leave a link to ur own work and ill crit it.

in the words of Deiphobos, Peace!
sorry mate u r not that great at singing

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Quote by sexyguitargod
sorry mate u r not that great at singing

yeah sorry..
ok i just do not get this! i was told to sing like this, but if i sing my normal way i get flamed! screw this im gonna join the army
Sorry man. You´re out of tune and really off beat. You´re coming in to early.
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your normal voice shouldnt be your singing voice.......u must know that your too early if u listen to it........i have to assume you did this in 1 take and didnt pay attention to the quality. If you want to get better, try your best and then let us tell you how to improve