Hey, not quite sure if this is the right place for this, but whatever.

I was just wondering what a band would be like if they had 2 bassists. Would they have a lead and a rhythm and harmonize or what? For example if Primus had a 'rhythm' bassist, while Les did his fills and whatnot. Basically im just wondering what it would sound like, and if there is a band with two bassists, what do they sound like?
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whats ur guyz fave band. mine is lead zepelion or something like that. the guitar player of them is so good.
I just no that alot of blues bands do but i dont know any names and i think a few songs by motohead they have 2 basses.
Look up Bass Extremes- Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey. Double Trouble (Stevie Ray Vaughn) had a pianist and a bassist, and they would both play a bassline, like in Crossfire.
Some Sludge Metal bands have two basses and NO guitar at all.

Depends what music you wanna play,but I guess If done correctly it would work/has worked.
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ummm motorhead only has one bassist.... Lemmy ....and as for 2 bass players i don't think its really necessary, but you could have one play bass with the bass turned up and the other play with the treble nd mids boosted and the bass turned way down and it would definately sound interesting like that.
There's two basslines in The Beatles song 'Think For Yourself'.
One is a fuzz bass tho
I prefer no bassists but thats just me.
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I prefer no bassists but thats just me.

I think that would get very annoying after a while. It would have nothing on the bottom to hold it together IMO. I think bass is a very necessary entity (??) in most music.
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I think Cradle Of Filth has 2 bassists but I'm not sure. I know there are a few metal bands out there that have 2.
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I saw a band with two bassists once.
But i can't remember if they were any good.

It could work. Some recordings will have many tracks of bass doing different things, it's cool to hear bass stepping beyond a supporting role.
search on www.youtube.com for MIKE'S TALENT SHOW.
something will come up, its a really good band with a bunch of people, including 2 bassists.

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I've seen couple bands who had two bassists. One band just had the bassists double each other. The other had bass lines alternate every 1/2 meausre. That was cool for a while, but it got boring.
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I don't think it would really work, however, on Miles Davis' 'Bitches Brew' album he has both an acoustic and an electric bassist. The acoustic player plays the typical 'bass' with the electric bassist playing more melodic lines over the top, but this can be pretty hard to hear depending on the mixing of the version you have.
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Ive always wanted to see/be in a band with two bassists,one plays 5 string BEADG (rhythm) and one plays 5 string EADGC distorted (lead)

...Good idea with the second 5 string being tuned higher. *applause*

I tried it briefly with my bass friend and I both on bass. I had always wanted to play in a band with him but i didn't play guitar back then so we tried my bass being dist'ed and i played higher parts and even chords whereas he played the lower end. I'd like to hear how your thing comes out, if u do it. good luck.
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I saw a band with two bassists once.
But i can't remember if they were any good.

It could work. Some recordings will have many tracks of bass doing different things, it's cool to hear bass stepping beyond a supporting role.

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I think one bassist is enough.

i second that
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