I'm finding it impossible to record because whenever I do there's always at least one point where I've bent astring and I haven't palm muted the string below it so it rings... drives me crazy.
So does Audacity or Guitar Port have a dampener to resolve this?
Don't just say practice because... well even professionals use a dampener when recording, now I'm not trying to say I'm a pro but I'm just very picky about these things.
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hey man, ive been playing for five years, i have a dampening system on my valveking 212 and it just adds treble or bass basically, ihave no idea what it does lol,i dont know that much about technical amp stuff, iwish i could help tho.
its impossible to get the perfect take but,you can always add things to make it sound good, dampeners arent always the best.

I would reccomend a noise gate,or suppreser
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