hi, i have become really stuck in my practing, i am not sure what to practice, and how to practice to get the most out of the time i have to practice. I have just got onto my summer holiday so its 6 weeks of practice for me to do do i was wondering how does everyone else practice? and for how long? and is there a way of practing that will help me get the best out of my time? cos at the moment i just seem to be sitting with my guitar and staring at it
Well what kind of stuff do you want to learn?

Are you more of a lead or rhythym guitarist?
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just practice, practice, practice, i get 3-5 hours everyday out of school, and 1-2 in school.
design a plan what you practice and how long... but a metronome would be useful
Hold my breath
as I wish for death
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just play whatever u like to lsiten to... find somethin that sounds cool and try it
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Well, I came upon the same problem not too long ago. So I decided to start writing my own music. That's right. I started just messing around and writing my own guitar parts for my own songs. You don't even have to be able to sing or anything. This helps because it helps you to more familiarize yourself with the guitar and how certain strings and notes work with each other. I've improved greatly since I started this. Maybe you should try too!

Figure out what you basicly want to play and start out easy. The amount of time you want to practice is up to you. I've been practicing about 30-60 minutes a day and I will tell you this, practice helps and you will see improvement. Also listen to the kind of muisc you want to play, study it and learn the parts.
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