i was just wondering if you guys can give me some ideas where to go from here. i mean i know some theory but lets be honest welcome to the jungle was not written thinking of which modes to mix with which , i know it uses some scales and chcord progressions but making your music around that makes it kinda limited, and i also i listend to rhandy rhoads lessons on UG and it really doesnt sound spectacular , i mean he uses some minor and major pentatonic scales which really sound groovy but really from this pooint on is the only limit the way you compose
You don't have to use theory for everything. It is very helpfull when you get stuck trying to write a solo and don't know the next note to play. I have been playing for about 1 year, and don't know that much about theory, but it really helps.
theory is only the framework. music still comes from within. learn some licks and stick things together and with practice it will be easier and easier. scales don't breed music, the ability to use the notes in the scales does.
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Theory doesnt limit your music writing, in fact it inhances it, if you use c major as the scale base for your song u can use c major pentatonic, a minor pentatonic, a blues, major modes of c major, all,the minors(natural,melodic and harmonic) and if you learn all the postions all over the neck uve basiclly got the whole fret board, uve just got to be careful of your chord choice when using these scales.
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