sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but here goes.......

i was changing my strings on my girlfriends acoustic and the bridge pins are so old that the head of the pin broke off when i tried to pull out the bridge pin. so now the long skinny part of the pin is stuck in there

so now i am wondering is there any way i can get this out, if so, can i do it or do i have to go to a music store and have them do it for me.....any help would be appreciated thanks

you could try going through the soundhole and pushing it up. I dunno if that'll work. Is there enough of the pin showing to pull it out with some pliers?
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yea i wass gonna try that but in order to do that i am going to have to take all the strings off at once and i thought that was bad for neck of the guitar
Get a new girlfreind and have her deal with it, haha, nah jk.

Yea i'd take the strings off.
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