Ive never bought my own recording stuff before, neither have i recorded. What would be some recording gear that i can use that isnt terribly expensive, stuff that i can record on and get either a tape or disc of, and have a way to get it on the computer? help would be appreciated.
How many tracks?
What Instruments?
Specific Features?
Did you search prior to posting this generic thread that is created ad nauseum?
College. ... ? . !!
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budget: 100 dollars or less
tracks: 4-8
instruments: guitar, bass, drums (i hope thats what you meant)
specific features: i dont really know.
did i search: no. sorry, forgot about the whole search aspect.
get audacity software, if you have a halfway decent sound card you can record all of that stuff except for drums (you need a really good multi input recording interface to record drums properly.)
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ah. im really new to recording. what is audacity software? and what is a soundcard?
An upgraded soundcard will allow you to hear better quality sound from your computer. Also, most soundcards have 1/4" inputs (1/4" is what guitar/bass cables are) so you can either plug your guitar right into the card, or run a cable from your amps line out into the soundcard. But $100 will limit what you can get.

DO you have a mic? You may want to look in www.musiciansfriend.com or another music website for an audio interface that fits your budget.
College. ... ? . !!
There's no need to talk when we have medicine.
You can do it for 100 bucks, its called ebay and craigslist, look up multitrack recorder, im sure you can get at least a 4 track for 100, you either want something w/ a usb adapter or one that records on a flash card or zip disk.
check out some boss equipment, i got a boss br-8 for $160 on ebay and its in next to perfect condition its pretty good for beginners.