A cover of the song Day Old Hate by Dallas Green of AlexisOnFire. Guitar is done by me and vocals performed by my friend, Dave. A little different from the original, by i feel we hold our own Critique away...

great cover, guitar is consistent and the vocals really surprised me, very strong.
Great job guys. I also thought your other covers were very well done. Excellent guitar and great vocals. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Wow......your friend Dave has excellent vocals. And solid guitar as well.
no way i love this song, awsome stuff guys, every thing was perfect i thought just some vocal parts...u guys seriously got some awsome talent, i wish i could sing like that. i dont mean to push u but do u think u can cover in the water i am beautiful??? cause that would be so cool
anyways good stuff
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Jesus that's really incredible. Your friend's voice is HUGE.
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