'Ello everyone. I've used this site a lot for references on song Tabs, but just recently decided to become a member. Just wanted to give a happy shout-out to everyone before I got to business. ^_^

As the title implies, I'm a [self-taught] beginner guitarist whose been playing for about four weeks now. I know some pretty simple tunes -- Smoke on the Water, Imperial March, and the Star Spangled Banner (Anthem style, not Hendrix or Wylde style) most notably -- and can play them pretty accurately. My first and only guitar is a Silverstone Apocalypse (the one Paul Stanley from Kiss uses, 'cept with only two pick-ups) and recently thought of taking up a seven-string guitar as well. My brain works in patterns of sevens, which is my only justification for wanting to play a seven-string; well, I suppose I like the thought of having more of a bass-like noise to my guitar as well. I just wanted some in-sight on this decision; whether you support it or not is perfectly fine, I'd simply like some advice from more experienced guitarists.

Thanks a bunch !
I don't see how it can be a bad thing, but you should get some more learning done, like a year or something before getting a new guitar.
4 weeks isnt a long time to decide if you really want to play guitar. Try using a beginner guitar for at least a year then expanding to an intermediate guitar. If you are dead set on buying a guitar now I recommend shopping around because most any music store will match a price on anything you see on the internet.
4 Weeks with a six string and you already want a 7-string.
I say you need to slow down a little, bud.

"Dont misinterpret what I'm about to say as something bad, but if you can't play six strings, why do you have to have seven?" -Dimebag Darrell (Guitar One, August 2000)

Seriously. I know you probably think you're hot stuff right now, playing tunes like Smoke on the Water, but that's not enough. 4 Weeks of experience is not enough, simply put. ATLEAST one year, in my opinion. I'd actually recommend 2 years.

It would be a great new investment, but not so early in your guitar learning.
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x.x Kinda' harsh replies, but I suppose my meteoric decision to go seven-string brought that upon myself. My friend Jeremy's been playing for four years (I think...maybe two...he's insanely good, though) and didn't discredit the thought, but rather encouraged it. "Seven-string might be your forte," I believe were his words.

Hot stuff ? Eh...well, I abhor bragging, but a lot of things come naturally to me...though, playing those lil' melodies definitely didn't get me thinking I was suddenly Alexi Laiho. Thanks for the insight though, it actually did get me to reconsider going seven before getting good at six. I might buy the seven-string anyway, as the particular guitar is apparently no longer being manufactured. It's a great deal as well, and I feel I may regret it if I pass it up.

However, I'll take it slower and learn more on the six instead of transitioning to the seven immediately. Again, thanks for the comments. ^_^

And, may Darrel rest in peace; he was one of my inspirations, and thus I'll heed his advice.
You'll need to know the theory and how to make chords and transitions on a 6-string. and you cant learn theory in 4 weeks.
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I would not recommend the move to 7-string guitar. Your friend Jeremy sounds like he's giving you some bad advice. You've only been playing 4 weeks. Count them. 4 weeks. I'm sorry if I sound mean, but it's really for your own good. I want you to succeed, and I can tell you that even though 7 strings sounds like it'd be a lot of fun, it's not helpful. Plus, at 4 weeks, you won't know how to properly maintain a 7-string guitar, let alone transfer chords from the 6-string to the 7-string.

But, whatever floats your boat. I'm just trying to encourage you to stay with the 6-string for a lot longer.
It's been 8 years and I'm still on my six-string

Seven strings guitars are for posers or KoRn... either way.. it's no good.
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Quote by washburndean
It's been 8 years and I'm still on my six-string

Seven strings guitars are for posers or KoRn... either way.. it's no good.

I dont see why you are not pro 7 string. When 5 and 6 string basses came out they were not popular and didnt sell many, but now they are almost as popular as 4 string. I perfer 7 strings they give you a little flavor to power cords and lower notes without changing standard tuning.

So what I must be a poser that likes Korn.
Quote by washburndean
It's been 8 years and I'm still on my six-string

Seven strings guitars are for posers or KoRn... either way.. it's no good.

Dream Theater's John Pertrucci plays 7 string guitars on a lot of songs. Petrucci is poser=false, Petrucci is KoRn=false. Therefore, you need to add an option to the list.
"Seven strings guitars are for posers, KoRn or John Petrucci... only one way it's good. "
Yeah, you should stick with 6-string. My friends brother has a 7-string, and it took him 2 years on a 6-string to be ready. Master 6-strings first.
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