Ok so I spent a few hours last nite building upthis song from a riff I came up with while messing around on my guitar. So just tell me what you think. CONSTUCTIVE CRITICISM please.

song is revised
i edited measure 7
Melodic Song 3.13 (complete).zip
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I like it.. there're some nice riffs there, but it got boring in places. I also don't exactly understand the need of the 4/16 time sig there. Also, IMO, I think you could make it a bit more interesting in places like the first two beats of measure 7, where you're just chugging away at low C, as there's a lot of chugging away in there. Plus, I recommend bar lines. They make it much clearer.
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I just threw the 4/16 tim sig in there to replicate sort of a double bass drum pattern. It gives it a slightly different feeling. at least it does to me.
But thanx for the crit i will definitely try to make it more interesting
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i don't mean to be a dick but
that was EXTREMELY repetitive.
The chorus seemed a tad bit
"immature" if you catch my drift...

oh yeah, you should listen to
In Flames for some inspiration,
i think that's what you're aiming for.
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It sounds good. Musically.
But, it gets repetitive. And dull.
The open 8th note thing is boring.
There's hardly any changing rhythms.
I like the Pre-Chorus. The ascending scale.

The chords and melody you chose were good.
But the overused drone of the C string.

It has potential.
It just needs some spices.

Crit mine?
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Sounded kinda like Holy Diver by Dio. Like others said, it gets repetetive, and I don't think there were any chord changes. Maybe I'll noodle around with it and see what I come up with.

EDIT: I spent a few minutes screwing around and this is what I came up with. By no means a masterpiece, but I added some chord changes and more melody. Don't know if this is the type of thing you were going for but maybe you'll like it.
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I really liked where you were going with it but it just repeated over and over.. using the open bass string to make a riff is just fine as long as you switch the timing and the notes that come after. It sounded really good though it was kinda eerie and calming at the same time you know?
the lack of chord changes really got to me...and i think you should experiment with harmonizing in a different way than thirds during the "break"...but humanity's death is right...it sounds good but just musically.