I was just playing around with my guitar and i played this tune on it and i know its from a song i have no clue what the song is though.

It goes on big E

goes 0-4-7-0-4-7-0-5-8-0-5-8-0-4-7-0-4-7-0-5-8-0-5-8 and so on and so forth.
It probably sounds familiar because it's used in tapping solos, but on different strings. I don't know.
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it sounds like a muse song i think...........but as for which one ?????????????????
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it kinda sounds like thunderstruck by ac/dc maybe

That's kinda what I was thinking, but it's a bit different.
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Ha. Uhm, 80 percent shure it's classical piano. I dont know much about classical stuff but I'm thinking Bethooven.

edit: except I'm retarded and cant spell. Beethoven.

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I think it's Thunderstruck, but Thunderstruck is played on the B string.
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hmmm i just played it and i have the same problem you do, i know i've heard it but i dont know what....tricky, i would guess thunderstruck too though.
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It deffinatly sounds like something played on bass...Probably Muse...
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Looks like part of the solo to Diamond Head's "Am I Evil", on the B string. That's just from memory, though, I don't have my guitar with me so I can't play it.
Check out this tab for it, though. Scroll down to about halfway or so into the solo, and you should see it. Looks a lot like what you posted.