first of all was i ripped off? its a Vintage Metal Axxe Raider, can be seen on http://www.jhs.co.uk/metalaxxe.html . I got mine for £150, saving of £80 supposedly.

changed strings from factory to d'adarrios, fine at first but now, plenty of buzzing on E, A and B strings, paranoid sounds awful, like im playing a fly.

i think it may be a string gauge problem, will put strings i use up soon.

i got the bridge flat when i tuned it, but now when its locked it sinks. Also i have a storage problem, if i lie it down or stand it up it goes out of tune.

i have tried to find out who made the bridge, because its patented, and it doesnt say on JHS site.

Any recommendations for 70's 80's rock to listen to apart from sabbath, led zep, AC/DC GNR etc?
hey dude it sounds liek how the bridge was places is uneven, where on sides tension is pulling harder then the other end try adjusting the action if that doesnt wok by raising or lowering it take it to you local guitar shop and have them measure where the bridge it screw are placed, and if thats nto it then you neck is warped have fun n stay frosty

P.S.oh as for the rock listen to dokken the plasmatics motley crue n if you wanna go a lil bit later n heavier pantera
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as far as the strings go, its prolly the gauge, and the bridge, its a floyd rose double locking,it says on the site, but you cant just change the stings just like that, you gotta get the bridge adjusted to the string gauge by changing the saddle and some other parts.
well to fix the buzzing you need to raise the action on your guitar. If that doesnt work take it to a shop and have it looked at.
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JHS are a joke, when i got it they sent the ordinary manual that doesn't even mention the floyd rose bridge, i had to go on the net to find out how to tune it. to be honest i dont really like the guitar too much. has happend at a bad time too, am just started play again after a break, might get guitar for £200 or summat
the gauge i put on are 10's, and i have to springs, i am changing gauges, what should i try?
a thicker gauge will give u a little more neck bend and maybe clear those frets, but...

ur bridge is probably lifting. so no matter what gauge u use, ull need to make sure u level the bridge. then raise the action.


levelling the bridge...

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