I recorded the Solo from Free Bird, didnt feel like doing the whole song, and the solo is 5 min. anyway. I learned it in about 4 or 5 days, so im sure some parts are not correct, i tried to keep the first 2 and half to three minutes the same as the original, after that is mostly improv, which im not very good at. also my mp3 encoder is messed up, so the file is real audio..

This is good for only learning the solo for 4 days. The only thing I think you need to do is turn down your gain on the lead, and take out one of the guitars. No offense, but it really just sounds like an out of sync-distorted mess.
Gets better as it goes on... the start's a little shaky.
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Sounds pretty good to me. A few things sounded a little off but it sounded great for only 4 days of learning it. Way too much gain on the lead channel in my opinion.

Great job
Awsome!! I thought it was a little to much gain at first like someone else said but after a while I was diggin the heavy gain! Awsome for 4 days way better than me on lead, but I stick to vocals and rhythm mostly. The two guitars do get a little out of sync near the end but you pull it back I think. Ive seen it played ALOT worse. 9/10 for learning it that quick.

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It sounded out of tune and a little off beat in some places, but other than that I liked it.

By the way... how long have you been playing?
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4 or 5 years, cant really remember when i started. the first year or two i didnt play a whole lot, but with the hours of down time i had after a surgery, i started getting serious about playing.
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Not too bad..you should have kept it just one guitar though..some of the bends were way off..but it sounds like you know what your doing it just takes some cleaning up. It's pretty good, don't get me wrong, but definately work on the bends and the vibrato..

Good Job though.

It's rediculously hard to sync up all the guitars in all the right channels in that solo.. for the most part impossible on a home recording studio type thing. That in mind, you did a pretty good job with the resources at hand.