ok guys i just bought a fender hot rod deville it sound great but yea i want a od pedal to make my sound better and yea so which od should i get???? any suggestions?
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HBE power screamer. Basically all the maxon wants to be for a few bucks less.
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ZVex Super Hard On?

Read the stickies...please post what sound you want, how much you want to pay, etc. And one question mark is sufficient. Added bonus to correct punctuation usage is that you don't look like such an idiot.

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Maxon/Ibanez ts-9 or 808, one is true bypass, the 808 I think
Fulltone OCD
Subdecay Stupid Box
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^nope the maxon is true bypass

and i would suggest the Fulldrive before the OCD
What do you want to play?

And go to a shop and try out a load of OD pedals, decide for yourself.
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