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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but oh well.

Alright so i just heard "Cliffs of Dover" by him, could anyone suggest some more of his stuff thats good ?

Well I really sort of love all of it, but um, off the top of my head

Zap, Victory, Trail of Tears, Desert Rose, East Wes, Song For George, High Landrons, SRV, Lonely In The Night, Manhattan, Pavilion, Magnetised, Ciel, Desert Song, Trademark.

Basically, just buy Tones, Ah Via Musicom and Venus Isle.
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Mostly everything is great.

But for stuff similar to Cliffs of Dover...

Zap, Pavillon, Rightous, Camel's Night Out, Columbia, Summer Jam, Zenland, stuff like that. If you're looking for other stuff that's similar but isn't an instrumental and has his vocals on it, try High Landrons, Desert Rose, Battle We Have Won, Venus Isle, Trail of Tears, etc. If you're willing to look for something different but still is awesome, S.R.V , Manhattan, Steve's Boogie, Song for George, East Wes, and some other stuff I forget. His two best albums are Ah Via Musicom and Venus Isle, check out those records if you want. Tones is close though, great album. Bloom is really good too but it took me a while to really like...the live album's kind of a combo of normal Eric Johnson plus some blusier stuff.
Camel's Night Out is good too as well as Nothing Can Keep Me From You.

Basically, all of his stuff is great.
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I just picked up his Live in Austin cd, and it's pretty good. The playing seems very well executed. His guitar work is great imo, although the overall playing lacks something for me... I can't put my finger on it. I still enjoy listening to him though.
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Yeah^ I think alot of people expect him to be some big "shredder" with the Floyd and everything.
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Zap, SRV, and Desert Rose are personal favorites.
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I Love Eric Johnson! Right now he is pretty close to being my favourite guitarist. I'm currently learning Cliffs of Dover which is one of Eric's greatest songs! SRV, Manhattan, I promise I will try (I think that's the name of the song), pavillion, when the sun meets the sky and show down are some of my favourite Eric Johnson songs.
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