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15 79%
rolan cube
4 21%
Voters: 19.
i like classic rock, alittle blues, alittle metal, and i may give shredding a try which amp should i get



also do either of these have the capability to plug in a cd player and it will come out the amp speakers? if so which one
it will say if it has the capabilitys.just try both out at a music shop n mess witht he settings n see wat u like most
The vox is much more versatile, thefore i think it would satisfy your needs better.

You can always get an overdrive pedal for metal.
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no its not. im pretty sure its a solid state that sounds like a tube amp, or something or other.
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no its not. im pretty sure its a solid state that sounds like a tube amp, or something or other.

no i think its a tube amp jsut not a good one so it doenst sound as good, also can annyone tell me about the dimensions of the amp like hieght, width, length
this may sound kinda nub, but if you look at the closer pictures what are the write, ch1 ch2 buttons and all that stuff that i dont know what it does
You can get a 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch jack and put a cable into the amp's input and to the audio out of the CD player. If it's bad for your amp, I don't know but I do it with my cheap keyboard amp.
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the vox is sorta a tube amp. it has tubes, but its also solid state. but theyr really good sounding amps. i would definetly say the vox is better. for metal, or any distortion wanted, a pedal is defeinitly the way to go. no matter wat amp or style of music.
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the vox is a hybrid with pre-amp tubes.

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