Ok, a quick question. If I was going to paint a guitar that is already sanded down, do I just spray it on, or is there some prepping to the wood that I have to do? What kind of paint can I use? Will the standard spray paint that I can get at a hardware store the right kind or paint? Im thinking about painting a body a flat black color. Because I dont want the gloss, do I not put a clear coat on over the black, or is there a special coat I would use? Thanks.
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Very rough guide ... from raw wood:
1. Spray sand/sealer, sand with 400 grit, wipe to remove dust - do it twice
2. Spray black color, wet sand, wipe - do it 2 or 3 times
3. Spray clear, wet sand, wipe - 3X/day, for 3 days

To avoid the gloss, do not buff.

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horray for re-ranch's rule of threes.

yes follow that guide there, and ittle look be-yew-tee-ful.
actually even if you use gloss and dont buff it it will still shine more then you want. you would need to buy some matte clear coat. cause it wont be shiney when your done at all, but the paint will be protected. but then use Ippons guide.
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