I Liked it, great atmosphere and very well composed
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I liked it. What I didn't like to much was when it got real technical...it kind of took away from the "spooky-(ness?)" of it.
Nicely done, well composed. Although I somewhat agree with DUP3R, the fast parts didn't go quite as well as the other parts.
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wow that was pretty creepy I liked it. the very end seemed odd It was like the song was geting big and climatic and then kinda fizzled out and made a half hearted comeback. but other than that last coard I thought it was great even the extreamly fast runs.

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damn that was cool, especially how well it sounded on the powertab, i kinda like the creepy stuff, man awesome piece! and can you play those 64th notes, jw, cause i cant lol, i disagree with ^ them, i think they add to the vibe, crit any of my songs in my sig, i had a "creepy" sounding one, but it got shut down cause i forgot to title it correctly, lol