The Song
its the first one, the second 1 u can crit too, but its not really anything... i dont even know why i put it up, but yeah i wanna know what i should change or w/e, its hardcore/metal style so yeah
I dislike Hardcore and Metal with a passion but it's not too ugly. You seem like you know what you're doing.
Nice riffage you got there mate. The tone wrecks it a little bit but what the hell !!
In some point it gets kinda hardcore or emo or i dont know... Trendy ****.. After the trendy **** i heard some nice riffs. you need to map out your style mate. Either metal or smth else. , Trendy and metal are two totally different things. The one will die while the other one keeps going.

lol , i'm confused.. anyway , The only thing i shall say is that your metal or hardcore i dont know riffage was enjoyable and headbangy .. keep it up .

Wanna take a look at mine? ( Black-thrash metal)
^ scroll down and find the COMPLETE song , if you decide to crit.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.