ok slight problem! its been 3 months since i was able to write my last song. i dont know what to do . ive sat in a quiet room , ive recorded and listened to what i played for some insperation and im still blocked. can anyone help me?
smoke a joint...
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Dont rush it . The inspiration will come when the time is proper. When i want to write a song i just do , i dont know how i do it , but if i grab a guitar and come up with an idea , i'll come up with a song.
About you...... I dont know man , maybe relax a little bit ? Get in love and get dumped so you can get an inspiration ? Maybe the song you've written so far doesnt help you to finish it , write a new one or finish your old one but change the format a little bit. I dont know what kind of genre you like but if it involves guitar... try changing the format or the riffs from where you left off.
I hope I helped you somehow. Ask me anything dude. I'll be here.
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