i read a thread about basswood bodies, and i asarted to wonder about mohogany bodies. im looking at a guitar that has a mohogany body (Schecter Hellraiser C-1) and a rosewood finger board, is that a good combination? hows the sound of a mohogany body guitar? whats your oppinoin on mohogany bodies?
Yes, thats a great combination. Mahogany is a fine tone wood. Nice warm deep tone with lots of sustain

Mahogany guitars sound great, look at Les Pauls for example.
i love mahogany-my sg is a mahogany body and neck with rosewood fingerboard-i love it to death(haha alice cooper song)
mahogany is teh pwnage, its my favorite wood
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Mahogany is probably the most used of the tonewoods in the metal genre. Basswood and Mahogany are similar, but Basswood gets the sustain and growl of Mahogany with the brightness of alder.
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I love mohagany although basswood is nice ass well I think that you get better sustain with mohagany but MAYBE miss a litte of the tone that basswood has