Hey Guys,

I was thinking of getting a Cole Clark Mistress or a Carvin DC127. My Styles or mostly Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. However there are occasions that i play Clean stuff mostly for my church. Was just wondering which one would be the better choice....
ive never seen the clark...post some picss.
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I have tried the Carvin.

First thing you'll want to do is replace the pups. I wasn't too fond of the neck, but the ones I've tried have been finished in a way I don't like necks to be finished, so they were a little tacky. Neck feel is very generic - not bad, not great. You know, the type of neck that you wouldn't complain about, but wouldn't brag about to friends, either. Feels sturdy, nice finish, the guitar as a whole is a tad larger than what I like, but not too bad.
You can ask Carvin to tung oil the neck instead of finishing it so to avoid the stickiness.

I haven't tried the Clark but I have a Carvin guitar and while not everyone raves about the neck I think it's one of the best I've played. Not super thin like a Wizard but not chunky either. The C22 humbucker is a full sounding pickup that should work pretty well for what you're asking, maybe not metal but modern rock with the right amp.

Also, consider the Carvin is essentially a custom guitar built to your specs, it's a smoking deal. I ordered mine direct and got back an email asking for even more details. It takes about 8 weeks to receive one built from Carvin.
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