When u do a scale or mode..like 4-5-7 notes (tabbed) do u keep ur fingers down on each one evenm after theyve been ehard or can i use my index finger for the 4th fret and then move it to the 5th and then use my 3rd finger for the 7th fret or does it have to be like 1st finger = on the 4th fret/ 2nd finger on the 5th fret/ pinky finger on the 7th?
Yeah it doesn't matter, just whatever feels more comfortable.

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if you're playing a string skipping lick i would definitely advise against keeping your fingers down...it is important to be able to play both ways because there will come a time where you will play that sequence repeatedly and this is when keeping your fingers down would be beneficial...other than that, lift every finger

as for the altered fingering...well, if you're playing a full neck run, then the first method may be suited best, but for general scales staying in one position i would advise that you keep the 1-2-4 fingering
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it all depends on the sound you want. if you want the sound of a slide to that second note, then slide. but sooner or later you will have to do all of the techniques for different sounds.