I found a 5-string Fender Jazz bass for cheap at a local pawnshop, and I was considering buying it and installing some different mods to try and sell it to friends for some more. I wanted to know if a killswitch on a bass would sound as cool as it does on a guitar, or if its even been done before. Thanks
It could be pretty cool if you put a bunch of gain on the signal, but I couldn't see it being too interesting playing through the clean channel.
a killswitch is a switch that kills the sound of a guitar (or bass).
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For effects. Think of it like this. You hit a note, and let it ring. Then you get to play with the kill switch while it is playing. It sound sweet.

And tone-psychos would like it for parts when they are not supposed to play!
could someone find instructions on how to do this like put a link to it er something that would be sweet
well im an idiot and horrable with electronics. are you sure theres no directions anywhere
so what would i have to carve out a big hunk of my bass with a pointy object or what?