charge! on after it, if you want it bad enough. and charge! onto the field and tackle the entire line. charge! on after God, no one can stop a speeding bullet. and charge! just to say that you tired to make it out alive. and charge! on through death because no one can bury both body and soul.

1,2,3,4...we will go quietly, no one will expect this from me

charge! with all you have, its ok if you fail sweetheart. and charge! for the halftime show and cheer along with the crowd. and charge! as if you will die at the end of the day. and charge! for the ones you love i swear they will be there when we get back. so charge! for freedom and let it ring, oh let it ring.

1,2,3,4...we will march along with the band, no one expects this from me.

we will be faithfull, but no one expects much from me.

this is a song i wrote and it has a tune and all, i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

the message