Ive recently heard that pedals 'react' poorly the valvetronix series. I have an AD50 and a few pedals, but have noticed few problems. Is it true that i shouldnt use pedals with the valvetronix series?
Unrelated to your question because I dont have any pedals with my AD15VT but what pedals do you use?
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Well i use an MXR distortion +, used a DD-20, Big Muff, Cry baby 535Q and ibanez chorus (forget the name because i dont have it on me now)

They all sound fine however
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I use a wah pedal with mine and it sounds great. (Mine's an AD30VT) I've hooked my friends Distortion and Overdrive to it and it doesnt sound bad.
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Yeah, i was a bit concerned about whether I should bother buying any more seeing as it may do more harm than good.