I have a very tough Decision to make @_@ I want a new guitar, with a budget of $300

Now im having trouble deciding. I set my mind to the Ibanez 321MH, since its an Ibanez, has a Fixed Bridge. and a Mahogany body. Just trade it with EMG's or Whatever and Im set.



get this Very attractive guitar, Trade the Pups with EMG's or Whatever.. What do you guys think ??

hmmmm, I would say go with the Agile, but I'm concerned about the neck. It's a bolt on wich is VERY common in guitars and is not bad, but this one is bolted on with what appears to be 1 bolt. That's bad. It's bolted on like an acoustic, but if you do any downtuning it could mess with the action or intonation. It's a good looking guitar, but what you want is playing quality.
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Looks like a set neck on that agile.

The RG has a a natural neck, and its thinner than the agiles and i prefer fast thin necks. I dont care for a bulky neck.

That agile does look good though, but i dont think it can compare with an Ibanez quality built wise?

Go for what you like though, i know for fact the rg321mh is excellent, but that agile looks good as well.
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Yeah.. I like the archtop body on the agile. Kind of an S like shape. Even the finish is astonishing.

The only thing I dont like is the neck. I also prefer Ibanez Wizards :|