So I went to my local shop to check out some acoustic today, and found a beautiful Seagull (I'm pretty certain it was a Seagull) guitar at a great price. It was 750$, on sale at 400$. Now the problem is...I can't find the model, I checked MF and the Seagull site. Nothing.

-Abalone binding on body and soundhole
-Looked like a spruce top (quite light in colour), mahogany sides
-leaf patterns carved into the sides
-no electronics

I really didn't have much time to try it out, and that's all that I've got. So, anyone know which model this is? Is it discontinued? A special release?

EDIT: since I just found out that Seagull guitars are produced in Quebec, I guess that makes the probability of it being a new or limited edition just a little higher.
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if it was a seagull you would know almost instantly by looking at the headstock... they do not use traditional headstocks... it is more tapered inward... Also I do not know of a seagull that has leaf patterns in it... not that I have ever seen anywhere... sorry I wasnt much help.. good luck..
Hey, I have a seagull. Look Familiar?


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