This song is titled "Allah" for some reason.

Last one on the player. Nothing much more to say, will crit back.

|||||||| Allah |||||||
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pretty sick song man.
the lead guitar fits really nicely over the rythm notes.
just wondering, what is the rythm chord progression? it sounds pretty sweet dude.
Very Metallica-ish intro.

Really nice riff.

The song picks up really nicely.

Get some drums on this.

I like the return to the intro too.

Nice lead tone and nice playing.

Woah, bends are way off. Make sure you bend up accurately.

Besides those bends it was really accurate and solid.

Just get some drums.

Nice job!
i thought it was a really cool instrumental guitar thing thatd be good for like a interlude or something im not too good at being picky about stuff so ill just nice job
P.s the one solo in my song was just random guitar wankage but ill try and make it flow better and whatnot but thnx for crit
Like the melody over the changing chords, that's good. Everything about this is good except for a few of the distorted bends. Besides that, everything else was enjoyable.
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Sounds pretty good, I imagine if it had full band thered be a great buildup before it goes back into the opening figure.

Itll be really great when u get a full band its a bit harder to tell now

The next new guitar bit has came on and it sounds pretty good cept for the off bends which arnt that pleasent

With a better finishing off and stuff it should be a cool song
intro reminds me of "Battery" by Metallica. It would be really sexy if you did it with an acoustic guitar. it repeats too much i think. i really like how it picks up - but it never really capitalizes. You should come in with a really heavy distorted riff at the point - instead of continuing the intro. because then it never amounts to something - it just keeps going and you can't tell the difference between what is supposed to be the intro and what is supposed to be the main part of the song, if you will. like the lead line a lot, or solo or whatever you consider it. like how it ends but i think it would be more effective to end with a sort of ominous or ugly chord. drawn-out and droning. i think that would help. great song though, great composing skills.

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Interesting intro, dramatic and sets the stage. I could definately hear some ambient talking during it. Part it leads into is very good, the two guitars interplay very nicely. I don't like the tone very much, but the playing has been good so far 2:06. Wow, nice effect. The reverb really takes it to that next level and the phrasing is pretty damn good. I'd love to hear what this sounds like with vocals. Wierd ending though.

P.S. sorry this took me a little while to crit back
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