i was playing around with different tunings,
and i came up with this tuning and i thought
that it was pretty cool, so i wrote a song with it.
i believe the tuning is some form of Gadd9,
but i'm really not quite sure what it is exactly.

anyways. hopefully, you'll enjoy it.

I just want to sleep forever.

It's ok. Not your best by far. Also, I think it'd be impossible to actually play. Aside from all that, it's very happy like and it makes me smile. Yay.

I'm going to go hug a rainbow. Thanks Kyle //sarcasm


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how is it impossible to actually play?
i wrote it on my guitar and played it...
so i know for a fact that it's playable.

I just want to sleep forever.

Well I didn't try it but especially that 4x0404 chord to the slide on the g and the pull off on the e seems pretty damn hard to me, but if you can play it, kudos, I have been proven wrong. but still, I think most of your other work is better, yet I still appreciate your endeavor to branch out and try new things.
Washburn WI66 Pro E Celtic Cross (1 of 48!)
Washburn WI66 Pro Honeyburst
Takamine EG334SC Acoustic-Electric
Peavey XXX 120W All Tube Half Stack
Line6 MM4/FM4/DL4
Boss NS2
Vox Snakecharmer Compressor
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it's actually pretty easy. just.
as you're sliding, just pull off.
it does look kind of hard, but
if you play it, it's really easy.

I just want to sleep forever.

its just so damned chordy. it sounds like u were just so proud of the new tuning u jsut played bar chords forevverrr haha... when u got away from that for 2 seconds and strated picking it was cool, but sadly shortlived

soo much n00bage
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I think you're crazy.
But it sounds good. I cant deny that.
It's very simplistic, I guess. It sounds simplistic. Just very good sounding chords. A bridge, a verse, a chorus, an outro; the basics for a song.
I got nothing against this.
You're crazy.
But I like it.

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That bizzare tuning!
Low to High: GBDABD
That's two notes up on the low E, 1 up on the A, no change on the D, step up on the G, no change on the B, and a step down on the D? I dunno how you came up with that. But I think we should call it the official Grovermans tuning!
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songs like this are kind of lame to hear on powertab. it's definitely not something that anyone can honestly crit for any real value. There's no one that can say it sounds bad or dissonant or anything...these kinds of songs are usually vocal-based, so without that...it's hard to make a good judgement. i can safely say that it doesn't sound bad though
I like this one. I love the harmonies that the different chords make, like the 555555 chord in the last measure of the chorus and the 4x0404 chord to the 4x0500 chord in the verse. The rhythm gets a little boring after a while, but the chords definitely make up for it. Keep playing around with that tuning and see what other interesting chords/changes you can come up with.

Nice work! 7/10

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You definitely have something here worth working on...I suggest adding more melodic elements over or in between the harmonies, and maybe some more instruments. BTW the tunings not that weird...it's just sort of open G with the third string lowered a whole step to spell a very agreeable G add9 chord...not very controversial. Once I tuned my guitar to all major thirds to make a sort of symmetry scale-friendly tuning...I think it was FAC#FAC# or something ...as you might imagine I tuned back to standard with a sigh of relief after that experience
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Two years ago I was trying to play the spongebog squarepants song, but it was really hard for me to fret back then so I tuned my guitar to the notes of the "sponge-bob-square-pants" part of the song, and I came up with this tuning lol...

I had even experimented with the 000000, 222222, and 777777 chords

And your song is pretty cool grovermans
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i really liked it, i wish i was creative enough. . .well time is more of an issue, lol, but i really liked it, i have to admit, all your songs have a really good feel and sense of melody, and this just backs them all up, crit any of mine if you get a chance, thanks!!!
What exactly is the tuning?
Reminds of dashboard confessional.
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I really liked this song as well. It was definitely an interesting tuning, and it had a nice feel to it. If vocals were added, then this song could get even better. The only thing I suggest is adding another guitar for the second verse, or doing a variation of the theme for the verses. You know, just to give a bit of variety, but still keep the familiarity with the listener. Could you crit mine if you have the time? It's in my sig, thanks.
Quote by honkey
What exactly is the tuning?
Reminds of dashboard confessional.


and it does kind of sound like dashboard, actually.
i was more inspired by city and colour when writing
this but it actually does sound more like dashboard.

I just want to sleep forever.

It's a Gadd9-Open tuning.

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