I'm going to my local music store on monday.
Mainly just to buy some picks, and a strap, but i am saving up some money for a new guitar, with that money i shall buy one on my birtday in combination with my birthday money. I dont get many chances to go there, so I am looking for some suggestions.

What are some good guitars to try out? I have a budget of around $350 USD. I would like a guitar with 2 humbuckers, and no tremelo. I play pretty much everything, mainly metal. and my current amp is a roland cube 30.

Thanks in advance.
what brand(s) are they big on?
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ibanez RG321

My friend has an ibanez, Rg550 I beleive, I'm not a big fan of the thin necks.
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what brand(s) are they big on?


B.C rich

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