I think this kind of thread would be very helpful to people beginning and making sure they dont develop any bad habbits in the beginning like I did.

Suggestions -

- Did not use my pinky enough and made a habbit of not using it
- Started Alternate picking, and up/down stroking late
- Keep fingers close to the fretboard, dont let them fly around
- learn the scales and all their positions, not just the first position
- Play clean so you can actually hear when you mess up, this will help in the long run
- Play in time, either along with the song, or with a metonome
- not warming up
- Do online lessons and/or lessons from a magazine
- Resting palm on the bridge
- Waiting till being a senior in highschool to play. If your young, and you think you maybe interesting, get a cheap guitar, if you dont like it in the end, well then atleast you tried, if it turns out you love it, you'll be improvising by senior year if your a freshman in highschool.
- Anchoring
- Using incorrect fingering for chords

Added info
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Yes to the pinky thing, and letting my fingers fly around everywhere while playing and not keeping them close to the fretboard which slowed me down alot later.
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My biggest thing was not learning the essential scales I needed to know when I first started playing. Now, 3 years later, I'm just starting to learn some of the more advanced scales.
not playin clean. if you get used to playing on distortion your gonna be makin a whole lot of mistakes. i never turned down the gain when i started and it took me a looong time to getting used to practicing on clean.
and to add to the scales thing, you have to learn all the positions. dont just learn the first position pentatonic scale or natural minor. learn all 5
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yes to a lot of the stuff here... the clean thing for sure

um i downstroked everything at first, so every song in my band i kinda gotta relearn since i got better...

i think i held my thumb incorrectly at first on the fretboard so it was difficult to play some things
yeah my mistakes were it took me a while to figure out if i was lefty or righty, and if i knew then what i knew now i would have took an interest in sweeping way earlier

Sorry for the caps, but I can't stress how terrible my playing was after six months since I didn't know how to stay in time.
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NOT using a Metronome when practicing
Learning alternate picking rather late
Not learning all scales after 2 and a half year of playing.
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not warming up.

it's a great way to make your gig/ band practice go horribly, horribly wrong
If you get any guitar mags learn from the free lessons they give. They work alot of your style and tells you right from wrong.
not using the pinky....you can kinda play without it at first, but to get any good, you'll need to learn how to use it...
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Resting right palm on bridge. Horrible habit. Glad im over that.
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You're not supposed to rest your right hand on the bridge!?...

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Thin necks make you play faster because guitars with thin necks sound thin and bad, and you play fast to distract people from the bad tone.
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You're not supposed to rest your right hand on the bridge!?...

Nope. Especially if you have a Floyd Rose. Or if you're getting a Floyd Rose.
which i dont recommend if you are a begginer. Someone insisted that floyd roses are amazing on guitars, and they are, they are cool as hell and you can make some bad sounds with a whammy bar.

But the problem is, all the strings are attached to the same piece of metal, thats 'floating' in the air.

So you tighten one string, and it pulls the tremelo up a little bit, and all the strings are attached to the tremelo, so you tighten one string, and it lowers all the others a little. The you retune it, and everything is flat again.

Is a pain, and takes a lot of getting use to, i dont recommend it for a first guitar. But regardless I love my guitar, its just a pain ><

Not using a metronome.
Resting palm on bridge.
Not improvising enough.
Focusing too much on learning songs rather than other useful stuff (scales, chords, etc.)
Not learning different styles.
Not learning something everyday.

You can rest your right hand on the bridge and works for a lot of people but playing with a floating right hand will give you a greater range of movement with your wrist/arm.
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Focusing too much on learning scales and not enough on songs. (this is just as bad if not worse than focusing too much on songs and not focusing on scales, because scales are completely useless if you dont know how to implement them.)
Not Pactcing enough stading up.
I never practiced with a metronome but my timings always been pretty godd so i dunno about that one.
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anchoring and picking from the fingers

pinky flying off the fretboard

too much tension

neglected legato
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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- Not learning chords properly! For ages the only chords I could get my hand to co-operate with were E major and Minor, A Major and Minor and D Major...so I didn't learn anymore than that...stupid, stupid idea.

- Only just started practicing barre chords Damn my hand hates me now.

- Not really looking into what I was playing once I learnt scales and a little bit of theory, I'm not one of those people who is overly good at just knowing what's right and what not.

- Didn't use a metronome properly.
Not playing standing up. Yeah, I regretted that, but I picked it up pretty quickly though.
-Not useing my pinky
-Not learing chords
-Resting Palm on bridge.

Those are the habbists I still have.
Didnt start playing till last yr so not buying an axe earlier was my main mistake!! I might have been good by now lol!!!
the first mistake i made when beginning guitar was when I first touched the gain knob.
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My biggest mistake was not practicing the speed and coordination building excercises. Because of which, I had to take twice as long to build up speed on the basic scales.