Anyone know exactly what I need to do to set my floyd up to play in drop c (cgcfad)..something to do with the springs, any diagrams or step by step info? thanks
yeah first you sell your guitar on ebay and then you buy one without a floyd. that usually works for me.
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i dunno about diagrams but to tune down you gonna have to loosen the tension on the springs and then do the strings and go back and forth with this til you get it balanced it's a real pain in the ass til ya get it and if ya ever change string gauge it'll be the same way
first up, id only downtune that far if you intend to stay there because going backwards and forwards is pretty much impossible unless you really dont mind a lot of fiddling about. you'll have to do what vashhash said but youll have to keep adjusting the springs, retuning, adjust the strings, retune so that the bridge is parallel to the body, the first time anybody does this its gonna take a long time to find the exact spot, and even if youve done it before it is very time consuming
yeah it is quite the bitch i keep my guitars in dgcfad but one doesn't have a floyd and has the stop bar so i can put it how i want your best bet would be to get to guitars with floyds if you have the cash and leave one in standard and one in a different tuning
buy a fix bridge guitar so u can drop tune, but dont use .09s or less for the fix-bridge get 11 or up so you can drop tune better without sacrificing so much tone.....
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yeah stop bars are alot better for drop tuning i prefer heavy strings even in standard but if you can afford two guitars by all means do it