I don't if this is posted in the right forum, but how do you fix a loose jack socket? Once again, my guitar is out of commission because that bothersome bit of hardware has once again become too loose to hold the cord in properly. I'm sick of paying someone to fix it for me, so if I was wondering if it's something that could be done at home?
just screw the nut back on.
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take off the jack plate, hold onto the jack and use a socket or pliers to just tighten it up. then put the jack plate back on.
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also, make sure you have the washers there...i used to think they were useless but they arent apparently
loctite. It's a liquid that helps secure nuts and bolts and things. home depot, walmart, any hardware store really. Look for the "blue" stuff, the "red" stuff requires heat to loosen it, which can be annoying if you forget and try to unscrew it. They are usually in the same colour container though. Also, loctite makes glues and things, make sure you are buying the right thing. if it says "epoxy," then it's not what you want.

You just put a drop or two of the stuff on whatever you are tightening, and it helps hold it, but still lets you get it off if you need to.
you can get the small packages of loctite at advance auto or autozone in a smaller package which would probably be be cheaper